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NVIDIA Collaborates with Reliance and Tata for AI Supercomputers and Clouds.

NVIDIA Collaborates with Reliance and Tata: On Friday, the US chipmaker NVIDIA Company announced separate collaborations with the Reliance and Tata Group enterprises to support the creation of AI-powered supercomputers, AI clouds, and generative AI applications.

Agreement between NIVIDIA and Reliance company

  • Jio Platforms Ltd, a telecom and technology subsidiary of Reliance, will develop a framework for generative AI deployment in local languages.
  • Jio Platforms stated that the partnership’s goal is “to develop India’s own foundational large language model (LLM) trained on diverse languages.”
  • Jio’s AI infrastructure will leverage the same NVIDIA GH200 AI processor as an AI cloud, which is a remote computing platform created exclusively for the development and deployment of AI applications and use cases.
  • Jensen Huang, the chief executive of NVIDIA, said in a statement that India “has data, scale, and talent,” and that through a partnership with Jio Platforms, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries, NVIDIA will “build state-of-the-art AI supercomputers in India.”
  • As part of its AI infrastructure, Jio Platforms will also utilise NVIDIA’s DGX Cloud supercomputer-on-cloud service. The latter will be housed in appropriate data centers across the nation, totaling more than 2,000MW in data center capacity.
  • While NVIDIA will just act as a technological partner, Reliance Jio will be in charge of the infrastructure’s development, implementation, and marketing.
  • Reliance Jio Infocomm Chairman Akash Ambani stated that the infrastructure will be “secure, sustainable, and deeply relevant throughout India.”
  • Mukesh Ambani, chairman and managing director of Reliance Industries, continued, “Computing and technology super centers will provide catalytic growth as India advances from a country of data proliferation to creating technology infrastructure for widespread and accelerated growth.”

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Agreement between NIVIDIA and Tata  company

  • For its customers, Tata Communications Ltd. will create an AI cloud.
  • To create generative AI applications for its clients, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), India’s largest IT services company, will also employ NVIDIA’s AI computing infrastructure.
  • Tata Communications plans to construct an AI cloud that it would make available to its customers using an infrastructure-as-a-service business model.
  • In addition, TCS will create its own AI infrastructure in collaboration with NVIDIA’s on-cloud compute access, allowing it to create generative AI applications for its clients.
  • “Due to the advances in AI, governments, businesses, and society at large now place a high priority on this field. AI and machine learning will have a significant impact on all businesses and facets of our life. Every organization needs to get ready to make this AI shift since it’s a crucial transformational trend of the decade, according to Tata Sons Chairman N. Chandrasekaran.
  • At a press conference on August 24, Chandrasekaran, who also served as the head of India’s B20 presidency, the G20’s business track, stated that working committees within the group had advocated creating a standard regulatory framework for generative AI.
  • The announcements on Friday come after Huang’s meeting on September 4 with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. According to a statement from NVIDIA, the meeting highlighted the company’s “role in the country’s fast-growing technology industry.”

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Briefs about TATA Group

  • Type: Multinational Compnay
  • Established: 1868
  • Founder: Jamsetji Tata
  • Headquarter: Mumbai,India
  • Area Served: Worldwide
  • Key People: Ratan Tata( Chairman Emeritus), Natarajan Chandrasekharan (CMD)

Briefs about NVIDIA Corporation

  • Type: American multinational technology company
  • Established: April 5, 1993
  • Founders: Jensen Huang, Curtis Priem, Chris Malachowsky
  • Headquarter: Santa Clara, California, US
  • Area Served: Worldwide
  • Key People: Jensen Huang (President and CEO)


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